Add-On Repositories on openSUSE 10.3
Updated 26 April 2008

Over the past several years, most Linux distributions including openSUSE have moved from a model of including closed source along with open source software to a model that includes open source software exclusively. To a lesser extent there has also been a movement towards excluding open source software that is perceived to have legal encumbrances with the most notable example being the removal of MP3 support from Fedora Core and openSUSE (see also: Using Restricted Formats such as MP3 and DVD on openSUSE 10.3. Of course, many users will require at least some proprietary software or will at least find it serves their needs better than similar open source offerings and will have reasons (such as cost) not to adopt commercial Linux distributions such as Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise. Fortunately, openSUSE is capable of installing software from additional software repositories which can mitigate the lack of software included with the distribution by default.
Two of these repositories are the most important:
Non-oss repository
The non-oss repository is associated with the openSUSE project and includes commercial software such as the Java platform, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and proprietary firmware such as for the Intel Pro/Wireless 2200 BG/2915 ABG wireless card. OpenSUSE 10.3 includes the option to install this repository when openSUSE 10.3 is first installed; by default, the option to do so is selected so most users will already have the non-oss repository configured when the operating system is first used.
This repository includes various software packages for openSUSE such as editions of open source software that include MP3 support.

Configuring Additional Community Repositories
OpenSUSE 10.3 makes it easy to install a variety of additional reposities for additional software such as proprietary ATI or Nvidia graphics card drivers and the VideoLan Repository among others. To add one of these repositories, open YaST (click on the chameleon (start), point to applications (at the bottom), click on system, click on YaST.) Then, click on "Community Repositories".
YaST Community Repositories Selected

Now, tick the box for any additional repositories you wish to install and click "Finish". Once additional software repositories have been configured in openSUSE yast can be used to install any of the sofware contained within the additional repositories in the same manner any other software would be installed using YaST.
Online Repository Selection Dialog Box

See Configuring Add-On Repositories on openSUSE 10.2 for details about configuring other repositories not included in openSUSE 10.3's list of Community Repositories. The proceedure is very similar between the two different versions of openSUSE.

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